Biometric Face Recognition Door Lock System: It's Scope in India

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Published: 08th February 2011
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Unlike earlier times, door lock system is no longer restricted to defense areas and secret government offices in India. Indian populace may come across a biometric face recognition access control in day-to-day life very often. Because of its accurate results and ease in handling, the device is seen at many places in India. In the near future, the use of biometric face recognition door lock may increase considerably. Some of the areas with large scope for the implementation of this technology can be given below:

*Banking: Promoters of biometric face recognition door lock suggest that this technology can be used in ATM centers. The card can be swiped at the entrance door and live face can be displayed before the camera. Instead of using PIN numbers for verification, if door lock system is used to gain access into the centers, fraud at various ATM centers may be prevented. Kenya is planning to implement the advanced technology within some time at various ATM centers across the country. This technology may benefit Indian banking sector as well, if implemented.

*Elections: Election cards need not be used with the implementation of this technology. A voter database may be maintained with the biometric facial details of the citizens. At the time of elections, biometric face recognition door lock may be installed. Authorized voters may only be able to access the machine. This may prevent duplicate and bogus voting to a lot of extent. Electoral Commission of Uganda uses biometric face recognition technology in its national elections. Indian government also needs to take measures to implement door lock system for the elections.

*Examinations: Advocates of biometric face recognition door lock insist on its use in board examinations. Paper used to prepare hall-ticket for lakhs of students appearing for board exams can be saved. Students about to give their examination can be verified with a door lock system. Only authorized students and teachers may be permitted entry into the examination hall.

*Railway stations: Railway stations are easy targets for terrorists, mafia, and anti-social elements. A biometric face recognition access control may control the occurrence of unfortunate events. Database containing a list of criminals, terrorist suspects, and mafia elements may be prepared. Whenever a live face matches with any of the faces in the database, entry may be restricted. An alarm could be sound and necessary actions could be taken. After the shooting of excise contractor B. S. Prasad recently, Bangalore city railway station has equipped itself with CCTV surveillance cameras to fight crime. A door lock system may prove to be an added advantage.

There are many other fields, wherein, biometric face recognition access control may work wonders. Indian market holds a great future for biometrics. Indian government is undertaking a massive project in the field of biometrics. According to this project, a unique identification number is to be allotted to its citizens. The identification number will be stored in the main database and will contain biometric information of each of its citizen. This may be the biggest biometric project if undertaken. Indian market may see huge rise in the field of biometrics and door lock system in the coming years!

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